Mark Hardwick By Mark Hardwick • June 18, 2018

What Changing Consumer Electronic Usage Means for Advanced PowerStrips

It's no secret that we're increasingly living in a digital world, and this new lifestyle directly impacts the amount of energy consumed by our plug-in electronics. In fact, according to a Nielsen report, the average American spends 60 hours a week watching TV or viewing content on his or her smartphone, tablet, or computer.

According to a new white paper from Johnson Consulting Group and Mesa Point Energy, entertainment devices create 60 percent of all home electronic plug load consumption and account for almost 20 percent of all residential energy usage.

Our lifestyle changes, and its impact on energy use, provide electric utilities with the opportunity to promote energy efficiency by targeting power consumption in the home entertainment center. One solution on the forefront of this opportunity is the TrickleStar Tier 2 Audio Visual (AV) Advanced PowerStrip+ (APS+), which reduces active and standby power consumed by AV electronics by automatically switching them off when not in use.

From the consumer standpoint, the AV APS acts as an alternative solution to a standard surge protector. It features always-on outlets for devices that require constant power and switched outlets for the television and peripheral AV electronics. The external sensor determines user engagement by detecting remote control activity and motion, and if no activity is detected within the countdown timer period, the AV APS+ automatically powers down electronics plugged into the switched outlets.

Below is an infographic revealing insights from Nielsen tracking about device ownership and use.


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The data reveal that consumers are spending more time with electronics that are constantly plugged-in, especially AV equipment, making the TrickleStar AV APS+ a great choice for energy savings.

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