Mark Hardwick By Mark Hardwick • June 26, 2018

Plug-load Solutions for Federal Facilities (GSA-approved)

TrickleStar, Inc., the leading manufacturer Advanced PowerStrips in North America, is pleased to announce the launch of a new portfolio of plug-load management and surge protector solutions that comply with the Trade Agreement Act and and are approved for sale through General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contracts. TrickleStar’s TAA-compliant products are available for purchase through the GSA Advantage!® online catalog, providing federal agencies with the ability to procure solutions that safeguard electronics against surges and reduce plug-load energy and electricity costs in their facilities.



Trade Agreements Act and GSA

The Trade Agreements Act fosters fair and open international trade and requires that government agencies only acquire products that are produced or undergo “substantial transformation” within the United States or a designating country, such as those with reciprocal trade agreements with the United States. TAA compliance requirements are built into federal procurement contracts which means that all products sold under GSA Schedules must be TAA compliant. Ensuring that products supplied through federal contracts are TAA compliant is imperative to contractors and their suppliers alike.

TrickleStar’s TAA-compliant surge protectors and energy-saving advanced powerstrips are approved for procurement by the United States Government and meet compliance requirements of GSA Schedules.

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Energy Savings in Federal Office Buildings

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), plug loads typically account for approximately 25% of the total electrical load in a minimally code-compliant commercial building, and can exceed 50% of the total electrical load in an ultra-high efficiency building1. As part of a two-year project to demonstrate the energy-savings associated with advanced powerstrips, NREL monitored one hundred advanced powerstrips installed at workstations and in print rooms and break rooms at a U.S. Navy facility. According to NREL’s assessment, advanced powerstrips installed in an office setting can reduce plug load consumption by 28% and given the small investment required the application pays for itself in less than two years.

Plug loads are an increasingly large part of building energy profiles and managing and reducing these loads is key to making federal facilities more energy efficient. With the GSA currently owning and leasing more than 375 million square feet of building space in more than 9,500 buildings nationwide, the energy savings associated with plug loads is significant. Research by Seventhwave® indicates that TrickleStar’s advanced powerstrip with motion sensor (model TAA3701) and advanced powerstrip with timer switch (model TAA3801) can reduce plug-load energy use in office workstations by ≈22% and 19% respectively. Both models are TAA-compliant, easy to install and offer premium-quality, fireproof surge protection to safeguard plug-in electronic equipment.

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