Mark Hardwick By Mark Hardwick • February 26, 2018

Product Update: 2018 Performance and Quality Upgrades

TrickleStar is pleased to announce new performance and quality upgrades to its line of Advanced PowerStrip (APS) and surge protection products, including its flagship Tier 1 APS, Tier 2 AV APS+, and Tier 2 PC APS+, that increase product safety, reliability, and longevity.


Leading the Charge in Safety

It’s without a doubt that TrickleStar’s existing line of Advanced PowerStrip (APS) and surge protection products offer the safest and most-reliable surge protection technology the market has to offer. All existing APS products provide premium-quality fireproof surge protection with a ceramic-encased Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) and a best-in-class Voltage Protection Rating (VPR). To drive further growth and sustain our position as the leading manufacturer of plug-load management solutions in the energy efficiency industry, we routinely hit the drawing board to identify opportunity for performance and quality improvements through our manufacturing processes, material selection, and product design.

Our new performance-enhancing upgrades result in superior mechanical properties and increased temperature resistance, which means increased safety for your customer and reduced risk for your program.

What to Expect in TrickleStar’s New APS Products

circuit-bord-icon-green.jpg push-button-icon-green.jpg flame-retardant-icon-green.jpg

Redesigned printed circuit board (PCB)

Push-button resettable circuit breaker

Improved flame retardant properties

The PCB has been redesigned to exceed UL safety requirements and now features additional thermal fuses, further protecting electronics and providing extra safety in all environmental conditions.

New push-button resettable circuit breaker is embedded deeper into the housing to ensure that the breaker cannot be accidentally forced to remain in the on position, for example by furniture or a wall.

New features include nonflammable materials that withstand higher temperatures, a heat shrink tube for better insulation and double spot welding and soldering on high power connections.

TrickleStar’s performance-enhancing upgrades have little impact on functionality and operability of our products, but instead result in the highest-quality, most-reliable Advanced PowerStrips the market has to offer.

While most powerstrip look similar on the outside, the internal electronics and safety features vary tremendously among manufacturers. Such additional safety features play an important role in energy efficiency programs, resulting in increased customer safety and reduced reputational risk for utilities, implementers, and distributors.

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